Road Trip with Boots

Today I actually wore boots.

I really want to take them off now. The top of my left foot feels like it’s burning. The good news is I have had them on for about six hours. That’s amazing.

I cruised down to San Diego with a couple of friends to meet and pray with a woman visiting from Africa. My friend drove my car because I lost my license due to seizures of some kind that my neurologist is trying to figure out.

Prayer was amazing and I was so blessed. And yes, Isaiah 53 came up.

The truth is that I am healed, my mind and body just didn’t get the memo.

Stay strong in your Faith.


P.S. And this is a few hours later… and forget the pedicures with CRaPS pain!

My New Podcast

CRPS Inside Out, Introduction

I’ve created a new podcast on Castbox called CRPS Inside Out. Search for it and check it out.

Living with CRPS is a very difficult task. It has been dubbed “the suicide disease” and trust me when I say it has earned that title. This Podcast is meant to help me through my story one day at a time.



I will not be explaining or defending CRPS medically.

I just don’t want to hear anymore of it. The only thing I know is that I’m tired of the pain. I am tired of being misunderstood by family and friends. I’m tired of people praying for me with Isaiah 53. I just want to be left alone… just for a day.

So, I’m going to get pretty transparent here. I need a place to shout to the world what’s it’s like to live with CRaPS. I need to vent my frustrations and share what hope I find. I pray you aren’t living this way too, but if you are you are not alone.