Body Failure with Podcast


Have you ever felt this way?

I wrote this a few months ago and it still has a ring of truth that I can’t deny….

My body is failing. All my suffering is my body’s fault.

Can I say that it’s not my body’s fault?

I have blamed you. You have failed me, and you keep failing me.

The body reflects what’s in our mind, right? How can that be so? If I was born without a leg, would I blame my mind or body?

Do I blame God?

I do. Deep down I’m sure I do. How do I get over this and live with joy? How do I find peace?

With faith, my dear, with faith.


Episode 8



Take it one day at a time,


P.S.: I want my miracle… any day now would work for me. Invisible Disabilities and Illnesses are real and they are crazy-hard to live with.

Doing My Nails

It’s the Little Things in Life

I love to do my nails. I always did them on Sunday afternoons when I used to work. These days I’m not always able to do that, but I really enjoy it when I can. My polish collection has dwindled but I still have some fun colors.

I joyfully used bright colors with glitter accents whenever I could. I had my nails, my hair and my boots for beauty because I felt had to be plain at work. I chose to go business formal or casual in solid grays, blacks, and tans. I didn’t need the extra attention wearing florals and pretty pinks. That glass ceiling got lower when I dressed like a girl. Just saying.

I know that when I can enjoy the little things, I feel less pain.

It’s a distraction and as you may know by now, I am all for healthy distractions. Anything that can keep us off the opioid drugs and any other medications that have extreme side effects. We don’t want our organs shutting down—these are often the “complications” that CRPSers die from.

So, I encourage us all to find some little things we can do for pain management. Little things that are enjoyable, hopeful and full of loving self-care. Take the time; it’s worth it.

One day at a time,


P.S.: Smell the roses while you’re at it.

I Miss My Horse Gallery & Podcast

Me & John with Remi a Few Years Ago

Remington, Remi for Short

So, I was calm, cool and collected for my disability hearing a couple weeks ago (Okay, maybe not.) and one of the judge’s first questions was about my horse. I lost it. I started tearing up immediately. It was so hard to talk about.

I miss him so much.

He was abandoned at the ranch where I had horses before, and the owner let us take him over. My husband is so great. He works there for the board and feed on the weekends, so he gets to see Remi and ride him. And he keeps up on the stable drama for me (Not that drama is stable….).

I miss the smell of the ranch and Remi’s neck. I miss the dirty boots and long, sweaty rides in the foothills with some good friends. Heck, I don’t even mind the flies much this time of year.

I think I’ll have my husband take me to see him soon. I can’t wait.

One day at a time,


P.S.: I’ll take some pictures!

P.S.S.: Listen to how I’m doing without my horse in my life daily:

Episode 7: I Miss My Horse


Not being able to ride or see my horse in way too long has really affected me emotionally. Riding was my favorite outlet for stress and without it, I’m struggling. My horse’s name is Remington and he is amazing. He is the best of all my past horses rolled into one. I hope to be able to see him again soon.

I Got a Violin

It was an Unction

I played Violin in elementary school but don’t remember much more than my teacher repeatedly telling me to adjust my grip on the bow. Over the years I’d think I wanted to try to play again but I would dismiss the thought as a fanciful dream. Recently, the urge has grown.

I figured that if I could get an inexpensive one to see if I really want to play or not, I could invest in the dream in the future or let it go.

So, with some relearning and preparation, I am ready to begin. The Type A part of my personality has already risen to say I need to start with scales, and I will, but God in me tells me to just play. Play like I sing in the Spirit not knowing what words or melody will come next. Just play.

Of course, CRaPS and POTS have also risen-up to get in the way. The pain and swelling have been terrible lately. I started Physical Therapy for the bulging disc in my back and OMGoodness!

The pain….

I am tenacious enough to do it anyway. I will sit and learn. I will sit and play. And I will tell the pain to be cursed and take a hike.

Is there a dream you have put aside? I pray that you get to go for it!

One day at a time,


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My Podcasts are Here


Available on CastBox & this Blog. Soon, you’ll find me on iTunes, Stichter, Google Play, etc.

I’m so excited to say that you can now listen to my CRPS Inside Out Podcasts here. I’ll be uploading them either on their own or with corresponding Blog Posts.

Here are links to the Episodes I have so far:

E1 Errands & Expectations

Sometimes the things we take for granted are things we miss the most where CRPS is involved. In this episode, I talk about an embarrassing fall and how much I loved running errands. There’s always hope when dealing with challenging situations—it’s just a matter of finding it.


E2 Bad News & Creativity

Everyone gets bad news, but the good news is that everyone is creative. We are all capable of using creativity to pull ourselves out of bad moods from bad news. CRPS can either destroy us or make us the strongest people in the world. I choose strength.


E3 Raw Emotions & Handling it All

A lot is happening all at once and my emotions are pretty raw. The beauty is that my emotions don’t define who I am. They are merely a tool to use in life. They are a measurement. They are a bridge to action and reaction that is healthy and godly. And they are going to help me deal with my life tomorrow.


E4 A New Beginning

Dreaming again is what I’m looking forward to the most in this new season of my life. I want to get back to a place where living one day at a time still has hope for the future. I use creativity and my sanctified imagination to co-create with Jesus and you can too.


E5 Creativity & Pain

The Creative Spirit flows like an impregnated wind of love and passion. We have access to this Spirit from God. No matter what creative outlet, no matter what perspective you are coming from, you have access to the Creative Spirit. That is if you are human.


E6 Housebound

I never knew there was such a thing as being housebound until I got iller in the past several years. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my family and my friends. I’ve learned that I need community. I need to engage with others on very personal levels which keeps me safe and sane.



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Housebound with Podcast


Getting Out of the House

I didn’t know “housebound” was a thing before being ill. And let me just say, it sucks.

I’m no longer able to drive let alone go anywhere alone.

Did I mention it sucks?

Okay, enough negativity!

I’ve had to find ways of getting out of the house to be alone and enjoy some of the things I love. I just need some “me time” outside of my home occasionally. I used to go for a drive in my car or on my motorcycle, I’d go ride my horse, hit some balls at the driving range, hike or go for a walk.

I must remember that I had the opportunity to do all those things when I think about how I’ve lost them—for now. I got to feel the wind in my hair. I got to enjoy nature. I got to experience the smell of jasmine, french fries, and honey buns as I rode my bike going mach-ten down the freeway coming home from work. I got to gallop, lose my hat and win while racing my husband up the mountain trails.

Today, I get to ride my electric wheelchair around the neighborhood, go to local stores and just breathe. I love it. I love to get out of the house, be outside and experience the changing seasons. I love to say good morning to people and run into other wheelers to chat about the day. I’m appreciating the people in my community more than ever before. The truth is that I need them.

I need the connections I am making online and around town. And if you told me I would feel this way five years ago I would have laughed.

That’s Jesus in action.

One day at a time,


P.S: Shoot me an email at, I’d love to hear from you.

P.S.S.: Listen to my Housebound Podcast:


Creativity & Pain

Creativity as a Distraction from Pain

And You Don’t Even Have to Be an Artist

The Creative Spirit flows like an impregnated wind of love and passion. We have access to this Spirit from God. No matter what creative outlet, no matter what perspective you are coming from, you have access to the Creative Spirit. That is if you are human.

One way to tap into this creativity is to scribble. Yep, I know it sounds strange, but scribbling unlocks the left brain so the right brain (the creative side) can work. When you scribble you will begin to get ideas and answers to questions. You will want to begin to brainstorm those ideas, so go for it. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you get.

I tap into the Creative Spirit every day as much as I can. When I am writing, sculpting, drawing or just playing the pain decreases. I literally use creativity as a source of pain management.


P.S.: Give creativity a try. You may like it.

“We are made to be creative. We are made in the image of God.” — Jana Rawling

It’s a New Day

Unfinished 2019 by Jana Rawling

Time to Make a Choice

Occasionally, life presents us with a choice. An opportunity to try again; to start anew; to close one chapter in life and open another. That’s where I am today.

I waited years for my SSA Hearing yesterday and it’s over. The determination is in God’s hands, I’ve done my part.

So, what’s next?

God. Worship. Health. Life. Creativity. Love. Hope. Faith.

More of the same, but I feel like it’s time again to go deeper. To seek more holiness and intimacy in relationship. That’s my choice. I refuse to focus on the illnesses, the pain, the tests and the doctor’s appointments.

So, again, it’s a new day, what’s next?

It’s time to do some new visioning and dreaming of what life can look like. It’s time to use my sanctified imagination to co-create with God. I’ll pray, I ask You Jesus to come sit with me for strategy and wisdom. Let’s brainstorm plans for the future. Let’s toss ideas onto the wall and see what sticks. Let’s organize and create something new and beautiful. Let’s laugh and let’s cry.

My life is not mine, but Yours. My heart is Your heart, and my mind is Your mind. I’m here for You and for whatever is to come.


P.S.: Jesus, I love You as much as I know how.