Bad News & Creativity

The Creative Spirit

I love to get outside when I have to process bad news… or anything really. I just love to be outdoors. I miss going outside as much as I used to and today I am grateful for Spring.

I found out yesterday that I have arthritis in my lumbar spine in addition to a disc bulging into my spinal column. All where my DRG implant is located. That’s a Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurostimulator implant.

The implant has been amazing! I was going to get an SCS, but got a DRG instead and I am so happy about it, because my pain levels have gone down significantly. I highly recommend it for some relief.

Thing is, I have to make sure that I live one day at a time and this bad news will not get me down for long. Life is too precious to spend it without smiles and laughter.

So, I am going to watch a Comedy and rest my feet.


P.S.: Listen to my Podcast on Castbox at CRPS Inside Out for details about how I focus on creativity versus pain.

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