It’s a New Day

Unfinished 2019 by Jana Rawling

Time to Make a Choice

Occasionally, life presents us with a choice. An opportunity to try again; to start anew; to close one chapter in life and open another. That’s where I am today.

I waited years for my SSA Hearing yesterday and it’s over. The determination is in God’s hands, I’ve done my part.

So, what’s next?

God. Worship. Health. Life. Creativity. Love. Hope. Faith.

More of the same, but I feel like it’s time again to go deeper. To seek more holiness and intimacy in relationship. That’s my choice. I refuse to focus on the illnesses, the pain, the tests and the doctor’s appointments.

So, again, it’s a new day, what’s next?

It’s time to do some new visioning and dreaming of what life can look like. It’s time to use my sanctified imagination to co-create with God. I’ll pray, I ask You Jesus to come sit with me for strategy and wisdom. Let’s brainstorm plans for the future. Let’s toss ideas onto the wall and see what sticks. Let’s organize and create something new and beautiful. Let’s laugh and let’s cry.

My life is not mine, but Yours. My heart is Your heart, and my mind is Your mind. I’m here for You and for whatever is to come.


P.S.: Jesus, I love You as much as I know how.

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