Housebound with Podcast


Getting Out of the House

I didn’t know “housebound” was a thing before being ill. And let me just say, it sucks.

I’m no longer able to drive let alone go anywhere alone.

Did I mention it sucks?

Okay, enough negativity!

I’ve had to find ways of getting out of the house to be alone and enjoy some of the things I love. I just need some “me time” outside of my home occasionally. I used to go for a drive in my car or on my motorcycle, I’d go ride my horse, hit some balls at the driving range, hike or go for a walk.

I must remember that I had the opportunity to do all those things when I think about how I’ve lost them—for now. I got to feel the wind in my hair. I got to enjoy nature. I got to experience the smell of jasmine, french fries, and honey buns as I rode my bike going mach-ten down the freeway coming home from work. I got to gallop, lose my hat and win while racing my husband up the mountain trails.

Today, I get to ride my electric wheelchair around the neighborhood, go to local stores and just breathe. I love it. I love to get out of the house, be outside and experience the changing seasons. I love to say good morning to people and run into other wheelers to chat about the day. I’m appreciating the people in my community more than ever before. The truth is that I need them.

I need the connections I am making online and around town. And if you told me I would feel this way five years ago I would have laughed.

That’s Jesus in action.

One day at a time,


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