I Got a Violin

It was an Unction

I played Violin in elementary school but don’t remember much more than my teacher repeatedly telling me to adjust my grip on the bow. Over the years I’d think I wanted to try to play again but I would dismiss the thought as a fanciful dream. Recently, the urge has grown.

I figured that if I could get an inexpensive one to see if I really want to play or not, I could invest in the dream in the future or let it go.

So, with some relearning and preparation, I am ready to begin. The Type A part of my personality has already risen to say I need to start with scales, and I will, but God in me tells me to just play. Play like I sing in the Spirit not knowing what words or melody will come next. Just play.

Of course, CRaPS and POTS have also risen-up to get in the way. The pain and swelling have been terrible lately. I started Physical Therapy for the bulging disc in my back and OMGoodness!

The pain….

I am tenacious enough to do it anyway. I will sit and learn. I will sit and play. And I will tell the pain to be cursed and take a hike.

Is there a dream you have put aside? I pray that you get to go for it!

One day at a time,


P.S.: Shoot me an email at CRPSInsideOut@gmail.com, I’d love to hear from you.

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