I Miss My Horse Gallery & Podcast

Me & John with Remi a Few Years Ago

Remington, Remi for Short

So, I was calm, cool and collected for my disability hearing a couple weeks ago (Okay, maybe not.) and one of the judge’s first questions was about my horse. I lost it. I started tearing up immediately. It was so hard to talk about.

I miss him so much.

He was abandoned at the ranch where I had horses before, and the owner let us take him over. My husband is so great. He works there for the board and feed on the weekends, so he gets to see Remi and ride him. And he keeps up on the stable drama for me (Not that drama is stable….).

I miss the smell of the ranch and Remi’s neck. I miss the dirty boots and long, sweaty rides in the foothills with some good friends. Heck, I don’t even mind the flies much this time of year.

I think I’ll have my husband take me to see him soon. I can’t wait.

One day at a time,


P.S.: I’ll take some pictures!

P.S.S.: Listen to how I’m doing without my horse in my life daily:

Episode 7: I Miss My Horse


Not being able to ride or see my horse in way too long has really affected me emotionally. Riding was my favorite outlet for stress and without it, I’m struggling. My horse’s name is Remington and he is amazing. He is the best of all my past horses rolled into one. I hope to be able to see him again soon.

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