My Last Day of Freedom

I’m going in the hospital for five days.

I’m doing an EEG Study to figure out if my falling and seizures are epileptic or not.

I wanted to get some art supplies to finish some old jewelry projects I had started while I’m there, and I found a beautiful fountain.

My feet are sad from the walking (Never mind the lack of pedicure, please.). I forgot to bring my meds with me, so that sucks.

But I’m still glad to be out of the house! I can get so bored during the day when everyone is away.

It’s hard to watch all the people here at the shopping center. I’m jealous they get to drive and shop whenever they want. Dealing with illness and disability can be very hard.

I must remember my life is different now and it’s all the more special. I can see and feel that I appreciate life more than many of these people. I’m grateful for the hopeful perspective I’ve gained because of the old life I’ve lost. It has changed me greatly.

The Bible says we must lose our life to gain it, so I’m right on track.

Have a low pain day,


P.S.: Stop and smell the roses, they are amazing.